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March Agency Insights

Spring into Wellness: Embracing Renewal for a Healthier You

As we bid farewell to winter and welcome the rejuvenating spirit of spring, it’s the perfect time to renew our commitment to health and wellness. In this month’s blog post, we’ll explore how you can embrace the energy of the season to cultivate a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Refresh Your Exercise Routine

With longer days and beautiful weather ahead, take advantage of the great outdoors for your workouts. Whether it’s a brisk walk in the park, a bike ride through scenic trails, or yoga in the sunshine, find activities that uplift your spirit and invigorate your body.

Nourish Your Body with Seasonal Foods

Spring brings an abundance of fresh, seasonal produce bursting with flavor and nutrients. Incorporate colorful fruits and vegetables like strawberries, asparagus, spinach, and peas into your meals to nourish your body from the inside out. Check out local produce stands for fresh local produce which is usually fairly priced! Here is a quick, easy and healthy spring salad to consider:

Spring Strawberry Spinach Salad


  • 4 cups baby spinach leaves
  • 1 cup sliced fresh strawberries
  • 1/4 cup crumbled feta cheese
  • 1/4 cup sliced almonds
  • 2 tablespoons balsamic glaze
  • Optional: grilled chicken breast, salmon, sliced avocado, or cooked quinoa for added protein and texture
Spring Strawberry Spinach Salad


  1. Prepare Ingredients: Wash and dry the baby spinach leaves and strawberries. Slice the strawberries and set aside. If using additional protein or toppings, prepare them as needed.
  2. Assemble Salad: In a large salad bowl, combine the baby spinach leaves, sliced strawberries, crumbled feta cheese, and sliced almonds. Toss gently to mix the ingredients evenly.
  3. Dress the Salad: Drizzle the balsamic glaze over the salad. If you don’t have balsamic glaze, you can use a simple vinaigrette made with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, honey, and Dijon mustard.
  4. Optional Additions: For a heartier salad, add grilled chicken breast slices, salmon, sliced avocado, or cooked quinoa on top of the salad.
  5. Serve: Divide the spring strawberry spinach salad into individual serving bowls or plates. Serve immediately as a light and refreshing meal or side dish.

Enjoy the vibrant flavors and fresh ingredients of this spring-inspired salad! It’s perfect for a quick and healthy lunch or as a light dinner. Feel free to customize the salad with your favorite seasonal fruits, nuts, or cheeses for added variety.

Spring Cleaning for Your Health:

Spring cleaning and decluttering are beneficial practices that can promote physical and mental well-being, enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your home, and prepare you for the season ahead. So, seize the opportunity this spring to refresh your space and embrace the sense of renewal that comes with it. Check out our homemade cleaner to enhance your cleaning experience!

Homemade Natural All-Purpose Cleaner


  • 1 cup distilled white vinegar.
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 lemon (optional, for added fragrance and cleaning power)
  • Essential oils, Rosemary or Pine needles (optional, for fragrance)


Prepare the Vinegar Base:

  1. In a clean spray bottle, combine equal parts distilled white vinegar and water. This vinegar-water solution forms the base of your natural cleaner.
  2. Cut a lemon in half and squeeze the juice into the spray bottle containing the vinegar-water solution. You can also drop the squeezed lemon halves into the bottle for added cleaning power and a fresh citrus scent.


Optional: Add Essential Oils
If you’d like to enhance the fragrance of your natural cleaner, add a few drops of your favorite essential oils, rosemary or pine needles. Popular choices include lemon, lavender, tea tree, or eucalyptus. Essential oils also offer additional cleaning and antimicrobial properties.

Shake Well:
Secure the spray bottle’s cap and shake the mixture well to combine all the ingredients thoroughly.

Usage: Your homemade natural all-purpose cleaner is now ready to use! Simply spray it onto surfaces like countertops, sinks, appliances, and glass surfaces, and wipe clean with a damp cloth or sponge.

Additional Tips:

  • This homemade cleaner is safe for use on most surfaces, including tile, laminate, glass, and stainless steel. However, it’s always a good idea to test it on a small, inconspicuous area first.
  • Avoid using this cleaner on natural stone surfaces like marble or granite, as the acidic nature of vinegar can damage the stone over time.
    Store the homemade cleaner in a cool, dark place when not in use, and shake well before each use to ensure the ingredients are properly mixed.
  • This homemade natural cleaner is not only effective at cutting through grease and grime but also safe for the environment and your family’s health. Plus, it’s budget-friendly and easy to make with ingredients you likely already have at home.

Happy Cleaning!

Schedule Your Annual Check-up

Spring is the perfect time to schedule your annual wellness check-up with your healthcare provider! Ensure that you’re up to date on preventive screenings, vaccinations, and health assessments to catch any potential health concerns early and maintain optimal well-being. Preventative Benefits are also always covered at 100%!

Annual Checkup

Final Thoughts

As nature awakens and blooms anew, let's take inspiration from the season of renewal to prioritize our health and wellness. By embracing the energy of spring and making positive lifestyle choices, we can cultivate a healthier, happier, and more vibrant life. Join us on this journey of renewal and transformation as we spring into wellness together!