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Refer a Friend


Refer a Friend Program

In appreciation to our loyal customers that refer business to us – we’ve created
an Insurance Benefit Navigators Referral Program.

We want to show our appreciation to our loyal customers that refer business to us.
Getting a Referral from a friend or trusted advisor is always best.

We have created a rewards plan just for you.

How Refer A Friend Works

Here is how the Insurance Benefit Navigators Referral Rewards Program works:

  • For the first referral you send us, you will receive $25 on a reloadable VISA Card which will be mailed to your home address.
  • For each subsequent referral, Insurance Benefit Navigators will add $25 in additional funds to your reloadable VISA Card.
  • Each referral will be submitted to Insurance Benefit Navigators by completing the Refer a Friend Form—found at the bottom of this page.

All referral dollars will be processed by Insurance Benefit Navigators every Friday and confirmed via email.

Know The Rules

  • There is no limit on the number of referrals that can be made to Insurance Benefit Navigators. Just follow the list of rules to get the most our of the program.
  • The program is open to everyone, not just Insurance Benefit Navigators Clients.
  • The prospects referred to Insurance Benefit Navigators do not have to become our clients for the referral source to receive the referral reward, but we must have enough information to be able to give an Insurance Benefit Navigators Product quote to the prospect.
  • Insurance Benefit Navigators is not responsible for those affected by laws that prohibits an individual from participating.

The referral reward is per client, not per policy — not valid on past referral.

Refer A Friend Form

Please fill out the below information to receive your IBN Referral Program Rewards!